3 Ways To Engage Your Guests At Every Party



Worried your guests won’t enjoy themselves? Feeling pressured to entertain those first few early birds even though you still have 17 things to do before everyone else arrives? Incorporating these 3 ‘to do’s’ into every party will give your guests something to do, help break the ice for guests who are not yet acquainted and give you the time you need to tend to other hosting needs.


Let’s start with a craft. Even the most craft-challenged guest can use a scissor or a glue gun, right? The moment your guests arrive, after they settle in and get a drink, they can either relax or get moving. This one is especially good for guests who come to a party by themselves. Those who craft together…well….it’s a good ice breaker. The craft can be anything from making baby headbands or painting onesies at a baby shower to planting seeds in a pot for a garden party. Now, isn’t that craftastic?



Another great thing to have your guests do is to leave you with a piece of their mind . This is especially nice for the host because after the party when all the guests have gone, you can sit down with a nice glass of wine and read all the notes. These can be ‘words of marriage wisdom’ for a bridal shower or ‘favorite memory / things they love most about (guest of honor)’. It might even be fun to have them written in ‘roast’ style, if the GOH is a good sport. For a bonus, you could even have guests read them aloud later in the party. Sometimes you will find guests comparing notes and that’s another good way to get your guests interacting with each other.



Ok, so I’m not a fan of the typical games you might find at some parties, particularly showers. Please, for the love of all that is still good, don’t make your guests play the ‘smell the poop’ game at a baby shower. No one likes it and it’s just awkward. I’m not sure why people think this is funny, but if you have any idea, please enlighten me (just my personal opinion here!). Instead, there are tons of other game options for a baby shower: bingo, trivia about the couple/baby, measure the mom’s belly with string, you get the idea…For kid’s birthday parties, there are a plethora of options from good old fashioned pin the something on the something to water balloon games, potato sack races, etc. Coloring pages are also a nice option for the little ones because it gives them something else to do (also a good way to get them to sit down when you need them to). Some examples of the ‘do’ part of this would be a bounce house, enjoy hired entertainment, dress up in costumes that go with the theme and put on a play. For teens, you could do mani’s/pedi’s, scavenger hunt, movie in the yard, musical chairs. Adults can play cards, board games, etc. Something that is fun for all ages and very popular right now is an interactive photo booth. Guests can hold up prop glasses, mustaches, hats, boas and large frames and take fun pictures with their friends.

What fun things do you do to keep your guests entertained besides great conversation, music and food? What’s your favorite party activity? Please share in the comments, I’d love to hear!

Photos by Darci Woodiwiss Photography