So, who wants to see a party?
Vintage Red Wagon 1st Birthday

dessert table

My passion for what I call ’boutique parties’ all began late 2010 when I started planning my son’s 1st birthday party. I was an event designer for big events but suddenly discovered a whole new world out there. One that spoke to me. One that said ‘all those little details that you love so much, that make a difference, they matter. And other people appreciate them too.’ I found my niche. I was so excited. I knew I landed in the place I wanted to be as a designer. I still do big events, but the small details are my greatest passion. So, here’s the first party that started it all, Benjamin’s Vintage Red Wagon 1st birthday. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the great Amy Atlas, who started the revolution of desserts tables as an art form. I’ll never forget how inspired I was by her work or how excited I felt when she featured this party. Scroll down for details below.

wreath and hats

I wanted to create a party that had a classic feel and was just good ‘ole simple fun. And since I love to evoke a sense of nostalgia at my parties, this theme was perfect; reminiscent of childhood days. Benjamin is so special to us, so of course we wanted to give him an extraordinary  party to create memories for years to come. It was a wonderful celebration of his first year of life and for us, making it through that first year as parents! We finally got to have the backyard party we’ve been wanting to throw since we moved in.

The color palette was red, aqua, yellow and kraft! I used a lot of kraft paper, burlap and jute for the natural and more vintage feel, combined with the vibrant colors that gave the party it’s retro look.

Some of my favorite details are the welcome wreath on the front door, which was so simple to make, the apothecary jar with the mini wagon and mini bunting inside, the ‘wagon’ cupcake wrappers, the perfect wagon wheel pasta salad, the official radio flyer licenses in the goodie bags and the use of my late grandmother’s items throughout the party (old platters, bright yellow dutch ovens and pot, etc.). Those things really personalized the party for me, beyond the trends you see at most parties. Designing this party was so much fun and executing it was certainly a labor of love, but so worth it in the end. Everyone had fun, the kids had a great time and while I was busy being everywhere at once during the party, the look on Benjamin’s face every moment I saw him during those few hours was worth every 3am craft project!

I’d love to hear from you. Did you have a red wagon growing up? What’s your favorite childhood memory?


Event design|Styling- Elissa Stone, One Stone Events

Photographer and Printables: Darci Woodiwiss Photography

Cookies: The Cookie Jar